Masca Ravine (Descent)

Masca ravine, descent

Masca ravine, trekking. MASCA SCHLUCHT Gregorios trekking Tenerife
Barranco de Masca, hiking, descent, trekking, with Gregorios trekking

Masca Ravine. Masca Schlucht

 The stone labyrinth, which leads us to the ocean. One of the most famous routes in Tenerife. A classic of great beauty. That in each bend and curve of the road surprises us. GREGORIOS WANDERFAMILY. COM

Barranco de Masca, trekking descent. Gregorios trekking
Masca ravine, descent. Gregorios trekking

Duration 3hrs. and a half. 5 klmts and 750 mts. distance. Difficulty, moderate to high. 580 mts. of descent. From the hamlet of Masca to the beach. The first third of the way has a great unevenness. The last third, when the midday sun rises, it is usually very hot. It is necessary to hydrate before drinking a lot of water.

Barranco de Masca, hiking, wandern,Gregorios Year 2000
Masca ravine, descent. Gregorios trekking


Water, one and a half liters per person, and something light to eat. Shoes, trekking shoes, preferably high boots. Sports or trekking pants, as comfortable as possible. Jacket, anorak or windbreaker. Cap, sunglasses, sun protection. We have boots, anoraks and poles. Please request them when you make your reservation. Please bring bathing clothes.

lBarranco de Masca, hiking. Gregorios trekking. Wandern Auf Teneriffa mit Gregorios Family
Permisos pico del Teide, Teide Gipfel Genemigung. Barranco de Masca, hiking. wandern.hiking in Tenerife Wandern Auf Teneriffa Gregorios wanderfamily

Price, 43 eur. plus 10 eur. boat. The price includes; Mountain guide number. Accident and Rescue Insurance. Civil Responsibility Insurance. Boots, anoraks, poles and backpacks if necessary, requesting them in advance. We speak Spanish, English and German. Transport with pick up in La Laguna, Tacoronte, Santa Ursula, Puerto de La Cruz and Icod. For more information call: 00 34 629790156 and OO 34 664083683.

Masca Ravine

Teide permits, with Gregorios trekking. Teide Gipfel genemigung, Wandern Auf Teneriffa