Barranco de Masca, hiking, descent. wandern. Gregorios trekking. Masca Schlucht, Masca ravine.
Masca Gorge. Gregorios Tenerife Trekking


Barranco de Masca, hiking, descent, wandern... Gregorios trekking Tenerife


It is undoubtedly one of the best hiking trails in Tenerife. A classic, that you have to do, sometime. A path, in the form of labyrinth, stony. That runs between basalt walls. From the hamlet of Masca, to the sea. One of the legendary places of the island. Enclosed hamlet, between cliffs. Read More

That only the leave exit towards the sea. And by this path, the inhabitants of Masca used to go down. To take the agricultural production with boats. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions, many times the women lowered them on their heads. And then they went up, with fish, many of them pregnant. And in the sunshine of a summer noon (the protagonists told me the story). Path, which was also the one that many also went down. To take a boat, in a clandestine way, on the sly. To take them to Venezuela, in the 50s. Like my grandfather and the grandfathers of so many Canary Islanders. 
Barranco de Masca, hiking, wandern,Gregorios Year 2000
Barranco de Masca, year 2000. Alejandro and Víctor, descent and ascent.

GREGORIOS WANDERFAMILY TENERIFE AND MASCA It is a long story. Perhaps it begins, in the year 36, when my ancestor Antonio Camejo won the elections for the mayor of Buenavista. That in spite of his short mandate, in the town hall. He started the works of the road, the school and the telephone of Masca. Mas"]Telephone, which received electricity, to crank. And he saw my father, in 67, when he arrived walking to Masca. Because there was no road. Road, from El Palmar, and that I saw as a child, being built, in the early 80's. Then my uncle, Hipólito, (Potito) who lived in Masca, like so many from La Orotava. When Masca, had the flavor, of the romantic. That Masca, in the 80's. Full of artists and special people, unique and unforgettable. The Masca and its ravine, that we began to descend with Germans, in those years. My father Gregorio Camejo. One of the greats of tourism in the Canary Islands. A pioneer, who paved the way. Then, me, Victor Camejo, with my father, when there was no path. When the path was nothing more than footprints, carved in the stone. But how beautiful it was. A lonely and wild ravine. In the memory will remain forever. [/expand]

The Masca Ravine and its difficulty. Gregorios Wanderfamilly

Barranco de Masca, hiking, downhill, wandern. Gregorios trekking Tenerife. Lots of water, Gregorio and Victor. Years 90'S
Masca ravine, trekking, descent, wandern. Gregorios trekking Tenerife. Lots of water, Gregorio and Victor. Years 90'S

In the late 80s and early 90s. The ravine was much more complicated. By the way, the bridge was two rails of water gallery. With some wooden boards on them, and a steel cable, to hold on, while the bridge, wobbled. When trying to cross it. Read More

If you were short, and you didn't reach the cable, you had a problem. Many people did not want to go down the Masca ravine. To avoid the bad experience of crossing the riverbed over that unstable bridge. In 93 or 94, I think I remember. A wooden bridge was built, which lasted until the fire of September 2007. That great fire, which originated in the municipality of Los Realejos, advanced with great force, pushed by the east wind. Sweeping away everything in its path, it reached Masca, burned houses, palm trees, and even penetrated the Masca ravine. Burning the bridge. It advanced through the interior of the ravine until the first curve, where when you look up, you can no longer see the hamlet of Masca. There the different sinuosities of the ravine protected him from the fire. They acted as a screen against the wind. After three weeks the palms sprouted again. That is why they are called Phoenix canariensis, which resurge, reborn, after the fire from the ashes. The houses that burned were repaired. And the bridge took some time to be repaired. During that time there was no bridge. We went down to the riverbed with the help of a rope. And while it was like that there were no accidents in the ravine. Something that is interesting. Most of the people only went down with guides and that increased safety. After a new bridge was built. After this, and the improvements that were made on the road. Breaking stones, making stairs, the canyon became more crowded. A lot of people went down alone, and the accident rate increased. Finally, there was a helicopter rescue almost every day. After the latest reforms, which have been made in the Masca ravine after two years of closure. The entrance is reopened, regularized and limited. We begin a new stage in the Masca ravine. Where experience and qualification may be very necessary.

Gregorios wanderfamily, Who are we?

  We are local people. We show the island to those who visit us. With all the love and respect it deserves, with care and the knowledge that this piece of planet must be protected. For our children and our children's children. With a feeling of optimism in the future of the planet. That we will find solutions and answers soon. As a company, we have been associated for more than 10 years with RED CROSS, y INTERNATIONAL PLAN

  We are trained and prepared to provide the best service. In addition to good professionals, sensitized, with our islands, its people and the planet. We give a cordial, familiar and close treatment. Always with the greatest security for those who choose our services.

Teide permits, with Gregorios trekking. Teide Gipfel genemigung, Wandern Auf Teneriffa
Guenda, Marina and Victor
lBarranco de Masca, hiking. Gregorios trekking. Wandern Auf Teneriffa mit Gregorios Family
AEGM Guide. 1433. Victor Camejo. Gregorios wanderfamily Tenerife
Barranco de Masca, hiking. Gregorios trekking. Wandern Auf Teneriffa mit Gregorios Family
Barranco de Masca, hiking. Gregorios trekking. Wandern Auf Teneriffa mit Gregorios Family

VictorManager of ADVENTURE AND TREKKING TENERIFE GREGORIO, with trade name GREGORIOS WANDERFAMILY and Mountain Guide, AEGM y UIMLA. More than 20 years of experience, and more than 2000, canyons of Masca. I speak Spanish, German and English. Son of Gregorio.

MarinaMedical doctor and experience as a trekking guide for 3 years in GREGORIOS WANDERFAMILY. Speaks Spanish, Russian and English. Now learning; German and French

GuendaTourist guide, with experience as a hiking guide, in GREGORIOS WANDERFAMILY for 4 years. Speaks Spanish, German, English and Italian.